Music in the Choir School: the Kodály Method and More

At our school, music and song are front and centre. Music is a main subject, and that is how we intend to revive music education in Utrecht. The way we do that is by working according to the Kodály method, which we consider a way of teaching. We will tell you all about it, as well as the expected entry level, the stage performances, and our cooperation with the Conservatoire The Hague.

Music Education in Utrecht

During the past decades, there barely was any real music education in Utrecht or in the Netherlands anymore. Too bad, because music is good for our brains. It serves to practice abstract and analytic thinking. And by making music together, children learn to tune in better to each other. That’s good for the social skills.

And it is why we cooperate with the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague to give music education in Utrecht a big boost. And we do that the Kodály way. What exactly is that?

Kodály Method: Music for Every Child

Zoltán Kodály was a Hungarian composer who felt that learning to sing, read, write, understand and especially enjoy music is possible for every child.

Often, people use the term ‘Kodály method’, though it really is a way of teaching – because it allows teachers to design their own lessons instead of following prescribed material.

Yet, some basic principles do apply:

Singing, and particularly singing music to do-re-mi, is part of every lesson. We combine singing with playful activities that train the musical coordination. What we want is just the best music. It must match the level, the potential and the experiences of children.

Do you want to know more about the Kodály method? Read about it on the page ‘Music study plan.’

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Music Class in Our Primary School

That your child enjoys to sing is what matters most, because we do a lot of singing. Our students get music class several times per week. They are educated by two music teachers: Daniël Salbert, teacher at the Royal Conservatoire, and Margareth Iping.

Next to that, on three mornings each week, before the lessons begin, there are rehearsals of the Cathedral Choir, which the children in groups 7 and 8 are part of. Once per week this group also has a one hour long evening rehearsal with the full Cathedral Choir. That latter one is for children as well as for adults.

Free of Charge for Music Teachers

Music teachers who give instrument lessons to students at our school may use the school and our instruments for free. So you, dear parent, don’t have to ride up and down to school to take your child to their instrument lesson separately.

The Choir and Performances

Our students regulary give concerts on all sorts of stages and they participate in several productions, such as those by the National Opera, the orchestra of Ton Koopman and performances of Bach’s St Matthew Passion.

We traditionally work with the Cathedral Choir Utrecht. Once every month, the students from groups 7 and 8 perform with this choir during the mass of the St Catharine’s Cathedral. In this beautiful old church, they sing old and new music from the Christian tradition.

For the children in group 1 to 4, we have Children’s Choir Spelenderwijs. It is a place where they can already get to know singing and making music. This choir is an entry possibility for children who already applied for admission to our school.


Required level

Do not worry. Your child does not have to be a prodigy in order to get lessons at our school. More or less all children who like music and singing are welcome. We do have an audition. We mostly want to see whether children enjoy to sing, have a healthy singing voice and can follow directions. We also consider how well they did at their previous school. Our most important motto is: making music is not only for talented musicians, because anyone can learn.

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