Primary school Utrecht City Centre: This Is Us

The choir school is a small primary school in Utrecht city centre. But we’re not just any school; what we do is different. We are all about music and singing. And we are really very proud of it. So come along and let’s meet.

When you’re searching a primary school in Utrecht for your child(ren), you have choice galore. Perhaps it must be centrally located and easy to reach. A sense of Catholicism may be important to you as well. Or you look for the benefits of small scale learning. And say your child loves to make music. Our Catholic primary school, right in the middle of Utrecht, has it all.

Koorschool repetitie
Koorschool vriendinnen

No Ordinary Primary School in Utrecht

In our primary school, music is a main subject, just like arithmetic, languages, and other common subjects. So three times a week, our students go to music class or to choir rehearsal.

On top of that, music is the silver thread that runs through our lessons. It is how children actively do a school day. For that, we use the Kodály-method, or rather the Kodály way.

Small-Scale: We Make the School Together

Our primary school has about 80 students in 4 year groups. All our students and teachers know each other, although they come from all over the city and even from outside Utrecht. Play time is always held simultaneously: everyone comes outside to our playground and to our cosy courtyard. As a parent, you can assist with all sorts of fun activities, so that many parents know each other too. We are a kind of big family and we make the school together.

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Koorschool Kodàly

Welcome from Group 4

Children can join us from group 4/5. Of course, this transfer from another school is a big step. They have friends already and they are accustomed to their teachers. Fortunately, 99% of the children feel comfortable within a few weeks.

Sometimes, we also start a group 4. That depends on the number of applications we receive.

Choir School Utrecht in the Media

Because we are such a unique primary school, items and stories about Koorschool Utrecht regularly appear in the media. They offer a nice insight, you can find an overview here (in Dutch).

Entry Criteria

To decide about entry, we look at:

  • The school results so far

  • Information from the previous school

  • The interview with the parent(s)

  • The results of the audition

Our team decides together. On the ‘Admission’ page, you will find all the information you need.

Our Team

Our team consists of 9 people, including Margriet, who is the Head of School, and various group teachers, as well as music teachers, and the caretaker. On our team page we introduce ourselves (in Dutch).

Get to Know Us? You Can!

You can get to know our school in several ways. Each year, we have an open day. Regularly we have ‘walk-in days’. You can see when it will be in this form. You can also request a meeting with our Head of School, and/or have an intake interview during the application.

Have you become enthusiastic? Then visit our open day, or request admission right now. Do you still have questions? Just contact us. We’ll happily help you decide.