The Utrecht Cathedral Choir School: Sing Sing Sing!

Can you imagine? Your child off to school singing each day? Then come and visit the most musical primary school in and around Utrecht.

Small and welcoming

The Utrecht Choir School is a small and welcoming primary school in the city centre of Utrecht. Let your child go on a singing adventure in our old mansion by the canal. There’s a genuine concert room, a beautiful chapel and a basement full of mystery.

Koorschool aan Plompetorengracht
Zingende kinderen van de koorschool

We are a regular primary school, where children also get to sing and make music lots of times. For music makes people happy, it is pleasant, and it helps learning. And in our choir, your child will start a voyage of discovery, both in the Netherlands and beyond.

Our source of inspiration is the Catholic tradition. You can especially see that by the way we treat one another. There’s a good reason we are a Kanjerschool.
We love sports, play and culture too.

Sportende kinderen op het plein van de koorschool

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