The Most Kanjerschool in All of Utrecht: What We Stand for

For us it matters that everyone feels welcome and safe in our school. The students as well as all team members. That is why we’re proud to call ourselves a Kanjerschool. Curious what we stand for? Do read further.

As a parent, you want what is best for your child. You want your child to enjoy going to school, to feel safe and to learn social skills they can use later in life. And we want all these things too.

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Kanjerschool: What Does That Mean?

Looking at our values and at what we stand for, it felt very sensible to let the Choir School Utrecht become a Kanjerschool. By now, all team members have taken a Kanjer training and are certified. But what does it really mean to be a Kanjerschool?

We want:

  • trust and safety within the classroom

  • to strengthen students’ social skills

  • to teach students various ways to deal with bullying and other conflicts

  • children to discover who they are and to be themselves

  • to stimulate active citizenship

  • to involve parents with the school of their children

As you can see, the Kanjer method is much more than an anti-bullying method. It is the foundation of our policy and it matches our core values entirely.

Our Core Values: For This We Stand

Our Kanjerschool has four core values, which are very important to us.


We are a primary school in Utrecht city centre and we’re located inside a magnificent canal- side building. We have an idyllic courtyard with a

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The Cathedral Choir School is a modern primary school and inspired by the Catholic tradition. Here, there is room and respect for what each of

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