We always begin the admission process with a voice test. Its purpose is not to select the greatest talents; we particularly want to see whether children like to sing, have a healthy singing voice, and can deal with musical instructions.

We also look at school performance. Because a large part of the teaching time is spent on music, the student must be capable to master the study material in less time. Therefore it is important a child does well in school, and it’s why we investigate the reading, spelling and arithmetic skills, based on the school reports.

Procedure 2023 – 2024
This school year, we have our Open Day on April 20th 2024 between 11 AM and 2 PM. Children and their parents are most welcome.
Children have the possibility to join a public music class. After that, their parents can sign them up for the introductory classes and subscribe for the voice tests, later in May.

  1. Introductory Class
    The introductory class will be on April 23th 2024 from 4 PM to 4:45 PM in the concert room of the Choir School. They allow children to experience the music lessons and to find out whether they like it. Participation is free of charge and obligations. Parents who aren’t able to visit the Open Day can subscribe their child for these classes by sending an email to
  2. Voice test
    If you apply for groups 5 or 6, you have to do a voice test. This school year, the moments for this test will take place on May 14th and 16th 2024 from 3:40 PM. You can subscribe to them on the Open Day or by sending an email to After subscription, the parents receive an invitation for their child. Children test in groups of three and the test last ca. fifteen minutes. Children sing a song they chose themselves and a compulsory song you can download from our web site. In the upcoming school year we have room in groups 4, 5 and 6. All children who concluded their musical auditions with a positive result, and all children for group 4, are invited to meet us and each other on May 29th at 1 PM. Subsequently, the entire team will discuss for which children the Choir School would be the right place. Part of that consideration are the LOVS (student tracking) results.
  3. Mutual introduction
    On Wednesday May 29th at 1 PM, we receive the prospective students at the Choir School. In a relaxed setting we do various activities with the children, paying attention to their attention and their attitude in the group. During that period, the head of school will update the parents about daily life at the Choir School. On this date, we would like to receive a copy of the child’s latest report, and an overview of the LOVS from the old school.
  4. Results
    On Wednesday May 29th and Thursday May 30th, all parents will be called with the final decision regarding the application.
  5. Filing the Educational Report
    If a child has been placed on the Choir School, there will be a transfer of the Educational Report with the other primary school. After all documents have been received (the educational report and the admission form), the admission is definitive.
  6. Meeting the class
    On Tuesday July 2nd, there will be an hour-long introduction for our new students on Tuesday June 27th from 2:15 PM to 3:15 PM. They will meet the class, the classroom and the teacher for the upcoming school year.

Download de details
We have listed the entire admission procedure in a separate document that can be downloaded below this article. In it, you’ll also find all dates of the introductory classes, the auditions and so on. If you have any questions after that, please contact our head of school and board Margriet van der Ploeg via:

Take a sneak peek at the audition song
At the audition, the children sing the song Indian’s March. It will be taught to them during the introductory lesson. Below this article, you’ll find a PDF file with the sheet music and a midi file with the piano part.